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rabecka — LiveJournal
So... I've been lurking and reading for a while now, mostly Torchwood and Doctor Who fics. Figure it's time to give something back. And, well, I'm no writer, but I AM good with images. Ergo, an icon site. Please credit...

So far, I'm getting most of my screencaps from:
marishna (lots of fandoms, zipped collections)
Season 1,2 dvds, using VideoLAN

I take requests, especially from writers. See details under the cut.

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Cover for Break Away by jolinarjackson

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Title: sparks in the darkness . . .
Characters: the Blessing, Jack, Rex, and uh, life on earth?
Rating: G
Spoilers: Miracle Day, all of it
Summary: What really happened, from the only one that actually knows...
AN: A bizzare little drabble with delusions of grandeur. I'd love comments. And I'm not a sensitive soul, so don't hold back if your basic reacton is WTF???

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From a photo on GDL's Facebook page. Gareth defaces a poster at Comic Con :D


The original image is here...


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Yup, it's a bunch of icons from episode 1. Most are spoilery, so teaser images are sorta limited. Thanks to gallicka for the amazing uploads.

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Every so often I get motivated to play around with various effects in Photoshop, or I'm inspired to do some photo manip by a story or contest. These have been floating around unposted, and I decided to fix that. Besides, I'm rather fond of several. I'd love comments. Or even better, take some and use them. Enjoy...

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Spoilers again. These are from the promotional photos posted on the IGN site. (Apologies if I'm spamming anyone. I added one more icon of Jack in the bar. The orig, taken from the promo pic looked rather stilted to me. The new one is a photo manip using an image of Jack from an S1 episode. Your challenge is to figure out which one...)

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Well, spoilers obviously, but only from official sources - promo shots and trailers.

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These are inspired by pocky_slash's Gwen Day tribute. Some of these are grabbed from other posts, but many of them are new. Enjoy...


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Lots and lots of Cyberwoman icons. Ianto is featured, as you might guess, but plenty of the remaining team, including icons of deleted scenes and a bit of photo manip. Enjoy.

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